Spring Flu Affects Whitehall

Whitehall Dormitories

Whitehall Dormitories

Pinebox Medical Center has seen a recent influx of students enter their halls for treatment, as a rare strain of flu seems to have infected nearly 30% of students living in the Whitehall Dormitory. Students affected by the flu are reported to be exhibiting symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever as high as 103ยบ, moderate to severe back and muscle pain and migraine headaches. In rare cases, students have noted skin and eye discoloration.

Doctors at the Medical Center were unavailable for comment, though hospital officials released a statement yesterday saying that a combination of hydration therapy and diet modification seems to be the most effective. ETU Director of Student Affairs Dr. Steve Anderson released a statement to ETU parents alerting them of the recent epidemic and noting that a complete investigation is currently underway in and around Whitehall to determine the cause of the illness.

Students currently residing in Whitehall are advised to seek medical attention as soon as any symptoms become apparent. Any students whose roommates are currently being treated should report at once to the ETU Department of Student Affairs.

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