ETU Library Amnesty Week Starts Today

This week the Sam Rayburn Library begins an Amnesty Week in the hopes that students will return long forgotten books without fear of heavy late fees. “The fees aren’t nearly as important as getting those books back, which is why we’re waiving all of them this week,” said Library Director Alicia Rhyvies.

The last time the library held an Amnesty Week the turn out was tremendous. It was reported that well over 100 overdue books were returned and re cataloged by the end of the week; one book had gone missing for nearly 85 years! According to Rhyvies, “Some of the books returned weren’t even ours. The ones we received that belonged to the Pinebox public library were returned and they graciously extended amnesty as well. A few of the books weren’t library books at all. Some weren’t written in English, and one wasn’t written in anything anyone could immediately recognize. The guys in the foreign languages department had a blast figuring that one out.”

If you’re currently in possession of a book belonging to the library but are worried about overdue fines, this is a great week to dust it off and bring it right back to the library where other students will be able to use it!

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