Large Cat Stalks Jogger

photo by: Wikipedia

photo by: Wikipedia

Mary Stevens reported that a “large cat, like a lion,” stalked her as she jogged along a trail off Whiskey Creek.

“I was jogging down the trail when I kept hearing something in the bushes just to my right, but hidden in the underbrush. I stopped and waited, then called out, wondering if someone was out there with me. Then I saw it’s green eyes. The head was huge, in fact I think it was a Liger.”

Ligers are a mix of tigers and lions that grow larger than any normal big cat and consumes as much as 500 to 600 pounds of meat a day. However, Ligers are not known in the wild and are only raised by human captors.

“There is no liger in our woods,” stated Sheriff Anderson. “It may have been a cougar, or maybe a black bear. I don’t doubt she saw something, but being alone out there can play with your mind.”

Mary responded that she knows what she saw, and that “there is something big out there. Way big.”

Mary stated she slowly walked away, but the big cat followed her for another half mile, before she made it to a road and car traffic scared the beast away.

When asked what people should do when they spot such an animal, Sheriff Anderson responded, “Be slow. Deliberate. Keep your head about you and walk away. Most animals are more afraid of us, than we are of them.”

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