Teleporting Dog

photo by: Parker Collins

photo by: Parker Collins

Recently the world was amazed by reports out of England regarding dogs that glow in the dark. But a report issued by the East Texas University (ETU) Physics Department claims they are less than impressed. Why is this? ETU claims to have dog that can teleport over short distances.

Physics graduate student Parker Collins claims to have witnessed this phenomenon with a golden retriever, named Blinkie. Collins states when Blinkie gets overly stimulated instead of running to an object or person of interest, she simply pops from one place to the other. Mister Collins elaborated that pop is the best turn to describe this, as there is an audible popping noise when Blinkie makes this quick moves.

No one in the ETU Physics Department has been able to determine why Blinkie is able to teleport. No video images of Blinkie popping have been made available either as of this date. When asked to see Blinkie’s papers, these were not available. Parker Collins states that Blinkie wandered onto campus one day. She teleported on that occasion when a student rattled a box of dog biscuits. From that point on the dog became the mascot of the Physics Departments.

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