Alien Expert Speaks at ETU, Announces Conference

1279_nonabductees_web_150x100The Raven’s Theater  had a standing-room only crowd on Monday afternoon for ETU’s student organization presentation of Dr. Eric Von Brunt of the World UFO Organization (WUFOO). Attendees were treated to a lecture by Dr. Von Brunt, including a video presentation, and a lively question and answer period. While scheduled to last 90 minutes, many students remained seated after three hours had passed.

As director of WUFOO (pronounced woo-foo) for sixteen years, Dr. Von Brunt has extensive experience with so-called unidentified flying objects. WUFOO and other organizations like it have collected thousands of first-hand accounts from all around the world.

“The truth is that there are a lot of people who believe in UFOs,” Dr. Von Brunt said during the introduction of his presentation. “There are also a lot of people who have had witnessed a UFO or had an even closer encounter with one. In fact, Pinebox is considered a UFO hot spot.”

While speaking of Pinebox and ETU, Dr. Von Brunt used the opportunity to announce that WUFOO would hold its next annual conference at ETU in July of 2010. The conference is open to the public and Von Brunt encouraged those students still at ETU to attend.

One of Dr. Von Brunt’s goals is to make the study of UFOs more respectable. “I know how we are perceived. You know, we’re the crazy guys who keep saying there are little green men out there. But the study of UFOs is serious and what people have had done to them by aliens is no joke. There’s nothing funny about anal probes.”

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