Animal Skins Found in Forest

In a bizarre case, the Golan County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that more than ten animal skins have been found in the forest just north of the ETU campus.  The skins are from various animals including a dog, raven, coyote, armadillo, and a white tailed deer.

Sheriff Butch Anderson stated that, “Some of them are difficult to identify and been sent over to the lab in Houston.  The skins seem to have been ritually removed from the carcasses, but so far no one has found the bones or any other piece of the animals. Just the skins.  The cuts are very precise, as if some kind of surgeon’s tools were used.”

When asked if this was some sort of cult activity, Sheriff Anderson shrugged, “We don’t know.  It’s weird, but no people have been harmed.  However the SPCA has been contacted about the animal cruelty case and we will continue to investigate and see what we can find.”

The Sheriff’s department has asked anyone with information about his case to contact their office immediately.

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