Residents Reminded to Secure Their Trash

photo by: Scott Meyer

photo by: Scott Meyer

Litter is no joke. That’s the word the City of Pinebox Sanitation Department is trying to spread in light of a series of upended trash containers this week. This week’s high winds, combined with tipped trash containers, has left many lawns and streets full of litter.

Theories for the cause of the tipped trash containers abound. Some attribute it to the windy weather but others are less sure. The Pinebox Police Department is acting on tips that the litter may be the work of teen pranksters. Some residents have reported hearing noises in their yards late at night. Others believe that the tipped trash is the work of wild animals.

“We had a really dry winter. It wouldn’t surprise me if some critters out in the thicket figured out that it’s easier to dig through our trash than eating pine cones and bark,” said Judy Wheeler, who awoke to kitchen trash spread all over her lawn Tuesday morning.

Game Warden Hubert Sikes is less sure.

“I got called out to look at some of the so called ‘tracks’ that were left behind, but in my 23 years on the job I haven’t seen anything like them.”

Regardless of the cause, the City of Pinebox reminds residents to keep their trash cans secured with a tight lid and protected from wind, mischief, and nocturnal creatures by stashing it in a garage when possible.

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