Botanist Missing in Big Thicket

On Friday, May 29, Mary Ann Wilkinson kissed her husband goodbye and went for one of her long hikes in the Big Thicket. She has not been seen since. Her car was discovered in a parking lot near an area of the Big Thicket known as Tunny’s Run. Deputies from the county Sherriff’s office and volunteers have conducted a search of the area and found nothing.

Mary Ann Wilkinson recently received notoriety for discovering a new species of flowering plant called Ravenstar in the Big Thicket. Her discovery was hailed at a recent conference Austin. Her husband, Hank Wilkinson, said that she has since visited to the area many times but always returned. According to her husband, on the day of her disappearance, she was complaining of a headache before she left but was otherwise in good health.

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