Electrical Failures Across ETU Cause Confusion

photo by: Scott Mason

photo by: Scott Mason

On Sunday May 3rd at 1:12 PM, all clocks around ETU simultaneously stopped. While all classroom and lecture hall clocks are set to keep time with the campus’ central security system, students have reported that alarm clocks, computer clocks and in some cases even wristwatches had stopped for nearly seven minutes before resuming their proper pace.

Additionally, power to the Applied Sciences building was also lost at approximately 1:12 causing the building’s automatic doors to hold shut. While there were no classes being held on Sunday,  twenty-six students and faculty members were inside the building when it shut down, three of whom were trapped inside one of the elevators. “You don’t think the worst part about being in an elevator will be how long it seems to take to get out,” notes student Jessica Fuller who was trapped within an elevator car. “I mean, we couldn’t have been in there for more than a few minutes, but it seemed like hours passed before power kicked back on.”

The Pinebox Department of Power and Water performed a routine investigation of the building’s power systems and there seemed to be no permanent damage or evidence of tampering. The actual cause of the power failure is presently unknown.

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