Mike Marley Hypnotizes Hundreds

Mike Marley, a professional hypnotist and entertainer, put on a great show last Friday night in the Student Center before several hundred students and faculty. In an amazing feat of his craft he hypnotized the entire crowd and had them acting like chickens, dogs, and used car salesmen (each trying to sell cars to everyone else).

Remarkably, he videotaped the event and posted it on the internet after showing the crowd what he had them do. Some of the hypnotized were upset however. “He didn’t ask my permission and I don’t appreciate being made a fool of,” said Senior Chemistry student, Valery Pina.

Mr. Marley answered the concerns, “It was a Mesmerism show and no one can be hypnotized without wanting to be. I’m sorry if it offended anyone, but that’s the show.”

The ETU administration has yet to return any calls about the show, but issued this statement: “The show was a hit with most of the attendees and we are certain that Mr. Marley acted in a fully appropriate way for that type of event.”

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