Cushing Estate to Auction Valuables for Charity

The estate of wealthy Pinebox former resident Phoebe Cushing will be auctioned off this July and the proceeds will go to various charities in and around Golon County. The auction has been anticipated since Cushing’s death in September, but legal challenges by her surviving children have delayed the event. A recent out-of-court settlement between the survivors and the Cushing estate has cleared the way for Dallas-based Chelsea Public Sales to make its announcement.

Phoebe Cushing was a longtime resident of Pinebox and was the heir to the Golon Lumber Company fortune and 99 years old at the time of her death. Her husband, Max Cushing, passed away in 1993 from complications from an auto accident. She spent her final years administering several charitable organizations in Pinebox.

The estate sale will take place July 23 at the Cushing residence and will be available via the Internet on the Chelsea Public Sales web site. Harold Biggs, chief auctioneer, also anticipates that several bidders will observe via closed circuit television and have agents present at the event. The auction is open to the public but bidders must register with Chelsea Public Sales and make a deposit of $1000 before bids will be accepted.

“An auction like this comes around once a decade, perhaps once in a generation, and we have already been contacted by a number of private collectors,” Biggs said in a telephone interview. “Although all of the Cushing estate offers an excellent value for collectors, there is considerable interest regarding the Cushing compilation of rare books, exotic curios from around the world, and extensive art collection.”

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