Elevator in Applied Sciences Building Malfunctioning

photo by: Jake Miller

photo by: Jake Miller

While city fire crews cleared all security and electrical systems for normal operation in the Applied Sciences, students are still reporting odd behavior relating to the building’s north elevator. Since Sunday’s power loss, students and faculty using the elevator have reported flickering lights, sudden movement while going up and down floors and as many as four complete failures have been reported.

Additionally, students have reported travel time for the elevator becoming unpredictable. “Sometimes going from the first up to the fourth takes half a minute, sometimes it takes five minutes. Even with no stops in between. I might as well just take the stairs!” reported an exasperated student rushing to class after exiting the North elevator.

ETU Building Services has also informed the Report that they’ve received reports of electrical devices such as laptop computers and portable hard drives have been erased after taking the elevator. Additionally, both digital and mechanical watches are acting erratically after a short trip.

The elevator has been shut down until it can be complete diagnostics are performed. Students are advised to use either of the two other elevators or the stairs to get to their classes on time.

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