From the Ashes, the Raven will rise again

While all of you are aware of the fire that destroyed the offices of The Raven’s Report, there’s more to the story that we’ve had to keep quiet for nearly 7 months now. Slowly, you began to see our reporters write fewer and fewer news articles until in September of last year publication of the Report ceased altogether when our newsroom caught on fire trapping and killing student staff photographers Jake Miller and Sara Marshall.

In addition to the deaths of our friends, senior staff members—myself included—were abducted from our homes, rendered unconscious and forced to reside isolated in a concrete and steel vault in a location that is still unknown. Following the abduction, remaining Report staffers received messages threatening them if they continued writing for the Report—messages signed with the familiar closing: “Those with no eyes are watching.” These demands were shown to campus President Nelson who immediately issued a moratorium postponing The Raven’s Report publications.

Three days ago, other Report staffers and I were returned to our homes in much the same way we were taken. We remember very little of the events that occurred there. We are all shaken and afraid. Who or what could have done this so quickly to all of us? What had we uncovered that made an organization with such obvious resources take note?

While some of us have become more dedicated to finding out what happened and why we were taken, others were affected by the events and have left campus—possibly Pinebox—without a word. For the time being, The Raven’s Report will only be produced through this website, and without our offices available to us articles published will be more infrequent than in times past.

We have established a Twitter feed @theravensreport so that we can send immediate reports out quickly and notify our readers as soon as posts can be created on this site. If you have any information about the abduction or deaths of Jake and Sara please contact the Report or President Nelson immediately. Our apologies for the delays in our publication, we hope you understand.

Be careful ETU, those with no eyes are watching all of us.

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