Noxious Fumes Ruin Faculty Chili Cook-off

The annual spring faculty chili cook-off was canceled only minutes after it started when several people fell ill from noxious fumes and had to be hospitalized. The source of the fumes was found to be not from the cook-off but from a broken ventilation duct from the nearby Abrimov Sciences Building. Six people were admitted to the Golon County Hospital for headache, dizziness, and nausea. All but one has since been released.

The faculty chili cook-off is an ETU annual tradition to mark the end of the school year. This year the event was held on the ETU grounds near the chemistry building. An estimated 250 attended before the event was canceled. While a few people complained of an unpleasant smell prior to the cook-off, no source could be identified. Only after the cook-off began did the odor become overwhelming, forcing faculty members to leave the area and emergency personnel to respond.

Investigation into the source of the fumes revealed a misaligned ventilation duct inside the Sorenson building. The duct has since been repaired and Vernon Richards, president of the College of Chemistry, expressed his regret for the incident.

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