No “Crop Circle” on ETU Football Field

The ETU Athletic Department took the unusual step Monday of issuing a statement to rebut a recent widespread rumor. The rumor, which has spread across campus via Twitter and cell phones, purports that a large symbol similar to those in crop circles was seen growing in the grass of the ETU football stadium. Assistant Dean Andy Roach released the statement without a press conference and stated that the reason for the unusual action was to stop tresspassing by curious students.

“It has been rumored that a symbol can be seen growing in the grass of the ETU football field. This is not true. Any photos claiming to show an image are fakes. The field has been freshly mowed and no symbol, sign, or other image can be seen from overhead.”

Although the source of the rumor has not been identified, several ETU students have claimed to have seen the “crop circle.” One, who asked that his identity be withheld, claimed that the symbol was circular, with small circles set within a larger one.

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