Aircraft Wreckage Identified

A spokesman for the US Air Force has identified wreckage discovered over the weekend as belonging to the space shuttle Columbia.

ETU sophomores Kyle Morgan and DeQuina Johnson caused a small flurry of excitement over the weekend when they discovered large sections of wreckage while hiking in the Big Thicket. Although the students originally reported that the wreckage was still smoking when they discovered it, authorities later attributed the mistake to the excitement of their find.

“We’re very grateful Kyle and Dequina for reporting their discovery, and I can see how their imaginations might have gotten carried away. When the Columbia exploded over East Texas in 2003, it left debris scattered over hundreds of miles. Every piece could be an important clue,” said Air Force Spokesman Thomas Grey.

Morgan and Johnson remain steadfast in their claim that the wreckage was recent, and Morgan claims that one of the pieces had strange writing on it. Minutes after Pinebox Sheriff’s Deputies returned with the students, the Air Force arrived on the scene by helicopter. The military quickly cordoned off the debris area to turn away souvenir hunters and prevent bystanders from accidentally tampering with forensic evidence.

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