Crime on the Rise

This past week have seen an unusual spike in the theft and burglary crime rate throughout Golan County.  Mayor Flowers explained, “There have been over fifty cases of theft, burglary, or attempted crimes in the past nine or so days.  This is highly unusual and our police department and sheriff’s department are  putting in extra time and energy to find out why this is occurring.”

When asked if the crimes are linked to gang activity, Mayor Flowers answered, “I don’t think so.  In fact those who have been caught are generally college kids, and we are wondering if this is not some sort of prank.”

Several of the twenty offenders who have been arrested have stated that they do not understand why they did what they did, but that they were to bring the “loot” to someplace in the country and drop it off.  However there were several locations mentioned and the police are still investigating the situation.

Police Detective Derek Mason stated that, “I believe there is some connection between the perpetrators, and that they may not actually be responsible for their crimes.”  Detective Mason would not go into further detail about the investigation at this time.

The Police Department is asking anyone with knowledge of any crimes committed in the past week to contact local Crimestoppers at 936-555-TIPS.

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