ETU Professor Charged With Assault, Destruction of Property

An ETU professor angry about a mistake on his paycheck attacked several people at ETU’s payroll office on Monday afternoon. Campus police responded to a 911 call from and found Dr. Timothy Dolby in the process of destroying the office. He refused to comply with officer’s instructions and police used use force to subdue him, including several uses of a police taser and pepper spray.

Gladys Rimley was working in the office when Dolby arrived. “He was extremely agitated about what he thought was a mistake of a penny on his paycheck. When I showed him that it wasn’t an error, just a matter of rounding up in his favor, he went berserk. He screamed, used the most vile profanity, and started throwing things and jumping on the desks. I’ve never seen anyone behave like that. It was terrifying.”

Dolby is a professor of biology at ETU and has a reputation for being well-liked by students and faculty. However, in recent days, associates and staff noted that his behavior had become increasingly bizarre. He canceled office visits with students and failed to show up to teach classes. Long-time friend and colleague Grant Slade reports that he tried to talk to him on Friday but Dolby verbally attacked him.

“When I sought him out to see if I could help, he accused me of trying to steal his research about a recently discovered flower that he was researching. It was an insane paranoid ramble about how everyone wanted to take his work and destroy him.”

Dolby has been charged with assault and destruction of property and is being held in the Golon County Hospital, pending examination.

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