Gambling Ring Busted in Trailer House

The Golan County Sheriff’s department raided a trailer in the Blackburn community yesterday.  The county confiscated over 15 two-dollar gambling machines, and over $15,000.

“Apparently, this operation had been going on for some time.  They had regular games of Texas Hold ‘Em and some were pretty high stakes,” reported Sheriff Butch Anderson.

Five people have been arrested for organized criminal activities and two others may face indictment.  “This kind of thing brings in organized crime and gang activity.  We don’t want this in our county and I’ll fight them to end.  No gangmember, drug pusher, or organized Mafia types will be safe from justice in Golan County.  I guarantee it.”

Several organized, illegal gambling organizations have been uncovered in the past two years and more are suspected and being investigated.  Last year a chicken fighting operation was uncovered at the O’Conner Chicken Farm, and several deaths have been attributed to the operation, including the O’Conner brothers and several others who apparently were murdered at the site.

“We have to fight them and keep them out of our county.  Too many good people here depend on us, and we won’t let them down.”  Sheriff Anderson explained.

Sheriff Anderson has been nominated for Outstanding Sheriff of Texas  for his efforts to keep Golan County safe.

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