Hawk-Mobile Closed By Health Department

“The Hawk-Mobile” has become a campus fixture, but last Friday the owner of everyone’s favorite little beverage cart was told he could no longer operate on campus–or anywhere. According to Health Department officials, Talbot Hawkins has been selling his frozen fruit juice concoctions on campus for nearly a decade without a license. “Hawk’s” cart could often be found in the busy Quad area between classes, and there was almost always a line for his cool drinks. Hawk gave his drinks wacky names like “Soul Juice”, “Mind Jolt”, and “Dinosaur Extract”, to name just a few. Nobody knows what makes Hawk’s drinks so delicious, which is eventually what led to his current problems.

Biochemistry grad student Jason Mayor started analyzing the ingredients of Hawk’s drinks so that he could make them for himself at home. However, many of the drinks have ingredients he or his professors were unable to identify. “I got concerned. I mean, I love those drinks as much as anybody, but just what are they made of? We never see Hawk make them. He just pulls them out of his little freezer pre-made.”

Mayor says he debated whether to bring the matter to the city Health Department, but in the end decided to err on the side of caution. That’s when Hawk’s real trouble began. The Health Department discovered that they had no permit on file for Hawkins’ beverage cart. Friday afternoon Pinebox and ETU campus police served notice that the Hawk Mobile must remain closed until the proper permits are filed.

Hawkins was unavailable for comment before the filing of this story.

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