Local Boy Dies in Biking Accident

Jimmy Berry, a twelve year old boy died Saturday as he rode his bike down Linda Lane.  While police are investigating the accident, Detective Parker of the Pinbox Police Department stated that “it is apparent that he hit something while traveling at a fast pace, and was thrown over his handlebars and unfortunately landed on his head on the concrete pavement, causing massive head trauma.”

The boy and his friends had been riding their bikes down the hill of Linda Lane and were turning onto a cul-de-sac when the accident occurred.

Berry was a seventh grade student at Pinebox Middle School  and a member of Troop 1224 of the Scouts.  His parents have requested that anyone wishing to make a donation contact the Raven’s State Bank and give to the Berry Memorial Fund which is to help Pinebox Middle School purchase school supplies and to help teachers in the classroom.  “While Jimmy did not love school, he was a good student, and we want to do something to help others remember him,” his father said.

Jimmy was pronounced dead at the scene.  The funeral is set for 2 p.m. Wedneday at the Shepherd’s Cemetery.

This article is taken from the Buried Tales of Pinebox anthology and is taken from the story, The Witch of Linda Lane, by Ed Wetterman. Ed is a history teacher, game designer, writer, native Texan, genealogist, fisherman, Assistant Scout Master, Christian, husband, and father fo two.  His reading tastes lean toward fantasy, horror, science fiction, history, and role playing games.  He enjoys driving a big truck, shooting guns, camping, writing, and hanging out with his geeky friends.  He helped found 12 to Midnight in 2003 and wrote Last Rites of the Black Guard, Green’s Guide to Ghosts, Innana’s Kiss, and Fear Effects.  He has also contributed to Bloodlines, and the upcoming Realms of Cthulhu by Reality Blurs, and has written several short stories and articles.  He and Preston Dubose are currently working on ETU: Degrees of Horror, a plot point role playing game for the Savage Worlds system.

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