Natives Speak Out

photo by: Jake Miller

photo by: Jake Miller

The Caddoan Hainais were driven out of Golan County by the Texas Rangers in the early 1840s, and eventually were forced onto reservations in Oklahoma. Now, some are coming home again.

Chief Lyle Redman stated, “This is still our land. Dale Island is our land, and we want it given to us, so we can worship at the home of our ancestors. It is our First Amendment right, and we have hired lawyers to look into this matter.”

Dale Island is a small piece of land out in the old part of Lake Greystone, and its history is closely tied to Golan County. It is currently privately owned and the owners were not available for comment.

“I understand their pain,” Mayor Flowers responded to Chief Redman’s words. “I even agree that they should be given a place for them, but we can’t just go take private property and give it to others. That would be socialism. We don’t do that here. I hope we can work together to come to an equitable agreement.”

Over twenty Hainais have come to Golan County and are currently camping on the shores of Lake Greystone, and have been protesting everyday the past week, carrying signs and speaking to anyone who will listen.

Local Mart Johnson, a fisherman who lives in the Blackburn Community stated that, “They are scaring the fish. That all happened a long time ago. They need to move on.”

“It’s not about moving on, but recognizing the way the Nation of Texas treated our ancestors, and getting back the smallest portion that we are due,” stated Gregory Linden, a Hainais representative. “We are here to stay, until we get some sense of recognition by the Governor and the people of Texas.”

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