Time Capsule Practical Joke

photo by: Jake Miller

photo by: Jake Miller

Students gathered together this morning to take part in burying a time capsule so that future Ravens would be able to see what current Ravens make use of in their daily lives. Amongst the collected items were popular paperbacks, an iPod Nano, an aerial photograph of Pinebox and ETU, an unopened bag of M&Ms and a copy of the morning’s The Raven’s Report.

Jake Miller, Report photographer and participant in the event noted, “We also wrote letters talking about our lives, and asking questions to whomever opened the capsule. Those were added in just before the capsule was sealed up.”

Once sealed, the students dug a hole on the edge of Mather’s field, but were surprised to find an object buried there. When pulled up and opened, the object contained exact replicas of the items that were about to be buried, but they had aged significantly.

“It didn’t make any sense,” Miller noted. “I even checked the note I wrote, and it was in my hand writing. Everything was…older.” The recovered capsule is being evaluated by the campus engineering department; its contents are currently being investigated.

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