Vandals Stealing Local Scarecrows

The crows of Golan County are happy. More than a dozen local farmers have reported the theft of their scarecrows to the Sheriff’s office. The missing mannequins have been from all across the county, from a corn field in Cavalas to a decorative scarecrow taken from a front yard in the Indian Summer trailer park.

Deputy Henry Putter, the officer assigned to the case, believes that local vandals are responsible. “This kind of thing happens now and then,” Putter said of the thefts. “Some kids think it would be cool to rip off the scarecrows or the chicken statue in front of Texas Fried Chicken or something like that. We’ll probably find them all in somebody’s backyard.” Putter advises local farmers with scarecrows to put them away or chain them to a heavy object until the thefts are resolved.

Not everyone is so sure that youthful vandals are responsible for the thefts. One victim, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that he found no footprints around the missing scarecrow other than those of the shoes worn by the scarecrow itself.

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