Fires Baffle Ninevah Investigators


photo by: The Ninevah Weekly

The town of Ninevah has experienced several unexplained fires in the past month and  Fire Chief Levins is stumped.  “We just don’t know what’s causing these fires.  They do not appear to be maliciously set, and there is no source that we have been able to identify.”

The fires have “spontaneously” broken out throughout the town in no regular pattern.  The first occurred at Jan’s Deli during lunch service.  “It was in the corner beneath the television set.  One second everything was fine, then boom, flame was everywhere,” Jan Corey, the owner of the Deli stated.  “We thought it was probably an electrical fire, but the investigation could not explain it.”  Ms. Corey also said that the insurance agency was not helping her rebuild as they are wanting a cause of the fire to be determined.

“It’s a real catch 22.  They won’t give me any of the insurance money until the cause of the fire is determined, and the Ninevah Fire Department can’t determine the cause,” she said.

Other fires of similar nature have occurred at Marshall’s Warehouse, Toys 4 Kids, Newberry’s Restaurant, and Big Green.  “Of course there may be an arsonist behind all of these fires, but if we can’t find a cause, it makes the investigation very difficult,” said Chief Levins.

“We keep hoping these fires will end, but it seems another is happening daily.  We’ve been lucky that no one has been seriously hurt so far, but at this rate, it may only be a matter of time.”

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