Annual Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled

Photo by: Thomas Alvarez

ETU’s annual Easter egg hunt run by Delta Chi Rho was canceled this when the body of the previous year’s winner, Maria Esperando, was found dead on the Athletic Complex’ west field.

Esperando had been reported missing two weeks prior to the event by her housemate Charlene Deveaux. “Maria just didn’t come home from the library that night. ‘It was a nice night,’ she’d said. Didn’t even take her car; just walked onto campus,” said Charlene when I spoke with her earlier this morning.

When asked if Maria had exhibited any odd behavior in the days leading up to her disappearance Charlene brought me to Maria’s bedroom where Maria had scratched the image of a black egg surrounded by the number 13 in black and red ink. “She’d been saying she’d been having trouble sleeping for the last few nights. After she didn’t come home I came into her room to look for her mom’s phone number and saw this. I called the police.”

Pinebox authorities are currently investigating Maria’s death and have yet to determine its cause. If anyone has any information regarding Maria Esperando’s death, please contact campus PD or the Pinebox police department as soon as possible.

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