Contamination Closes Wells

Four wells several miles north of Pinebox have been closed due to contamination by deadly E. coli bacteria and the few residents in the area have been advised to boil their water until further notice. The contamination came to the attention of the Pinebox City water utility during their weekly sampling and the wells were shuttered immediately. No cases of sickness attributable to the bacteria have been reported in Golan County.

It is unknown how the wells became contaminated, although recent rains may have allowed contaminated material into the water. Gus Richardson, general manager of Pinebox city’s water utility, declined to say when the wells would no longer be dangerous. However, he did state that the city would attempt to disinfect the wells.

Eschericia coli is a natural bacteria that causes food poisoning and flu-like symptoms in those who drink contaminated water. The severity of the illness varies, but can be fatal to young children, the elderly, and those people with compromised immune systems.

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