Woman Missing at Hotel 96

Police entered Hotel 96′ room 12 at 2pm this afternoon and arrested gas station attendant Martin Moore under suspicion of murder. According to hotel night clerk Ander Sangonstime, Moore checked into the room for the night with his girlfriend—Sally Pinid. Moore and Pinid were reported to have been intoxicated and had not been seen leaving their room once they had entered.

Sangonstime contacted Pinebox Police when attempts to remove Moore and Pinid from the motel room were unsuccessful. “My key didn’t work, and they weren’t answering to my yelling at them through the door,” said Sangonstime.

When Pinebox PD arrived they found that all doors and windows leading out of the room had been nailed shut. Police broke down the door to find Moore huddled in the far corner of the room. In a statement issued earlier this afternoon police noted that the room had several empty bottles of alcohol and no sign of where Pinid had gone. Moore was said to have been clutching a scrap of paper upon which he had written, “She went through the door and never came back” over and over again.

After speaking with the nighttime janitor of the motel, I was allowed a few minutes in the motel room. As reported by the police, all doors and windows had been nailed shut, but for some reason the door leading to the rooms bathroom had also been sealed similarly. Additionally, the cabinets and shelves were also nailed closed. The only door not sealed shut was the one leading into the room’s closet.

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