Beat the Heat: Old Swimming Hole

With highs near 100 for several days in a row, students at ETU have gotten lots of practice at staying cool. While the natatorium (indoor pool) offers climate-controlled relief from the blazing sun, many students prefer a spot with more character. While one can find several swimming spots within a short drive of ETU, the Old Swimming Hole is one of the most convenient.

“I love it. I can bike there in 15 minutes from my dorm. I’ll jump in to cool off, then lay out on the sand with my textbook,” says junior Erika Leeds.

Whereas Lake Greystone and Kestle Lake require a relatively short drive and are thus frequented by a more adult crowd, the Old Swimming Hole is a family-friendly destination just minutes from anywhere in Pinebox. While accidents still sometimes occur, it is considered a relatively safe, cool alternative to the oppressive Pinebox heat.

“It’s great. The water is so cool and refreshing. I just feel rejuvenated after swimming here. I’ve started coming here every morning for a quick swim before class. It just clears my mind. My grades this summer have been the best so far!” says senior Dania Johnston.

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