Heat Advisory

With temperatures projected to hover at 99 degrees Fahrenheit for at least the next ten days, students are reminded to exercise caution when spending time outdoors. The heat-related death of Justine Calloway is a sad reminder of summer danger. Calloway’s desiccated corpse was found in the driver’s seat of her 2001 Honda Accord on Sunday morning in the Roost parking lot. Friends and loved ones are still puzzling over how the sophomore’s body came to be dried out overnight, but the cause of death is clear.

When spending time outdoors:

  • Drink water every hour you are in the sun. Avoid carbonated beverages, alcohol, and even sports drinks.
  • Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • If you feel lightheaded, nauseous, or stop sweating, stop your activity immediately and seek a cool place to rest and rehydrate.
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