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Those With No Eyes Are Watching

This was the message scrawled on an envelope waiting for me this morning when I got to my office. It had been slipped under the door sometime during the night and no one was present to see who dropped it off. Inside the envelope were several over-developed photographs; each consisting of a field of white […]

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Pinebox Elementary Opens New Building to House Daycare

This is the first of the articles left for me anonymously about a week ago. I’m posting it here in the hope that someone may have some idea as to why it was left for me. Originally published May17th, 2008 In a ribbon cutting ceremony presided over by Mayor James Flowers, the Pinebox Elementary Daycare […]

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Computer Game Causing Student Problems

If you haven’t heard of Infection, you probably haven’t been paying too much attention. The game designed by ETU seniors Dave McColluch and Dana Curtis solves the perennial game designer’s problem of “Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master” and has been downloaded and spread throughout the campus. Simultaneously releasing as a Flash based game played […]

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