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Mysterious Remains Identified as Susan Fong

Months ago, Engineering student Susan Fong found the aged and dessicated remains of a human in the clothes of a modern day student. During the investigation Pinebox PD discovered that the clothing and backpack found with the body belonged to a student named Sean O’Malley. After a subsequent incident, O’Malley dropped out of school and […]

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Suspected Identity Thief Released During Arraignment

The individual arrested for his alleged involvement in an identity theft scandal that affected several ETU students and faculty was released today during his arraignment. In a closed courtroom, Jerome Johnson gave a brief statement before the judge and other courtroom officials. Shortly thereafter, Johnson was seen walking out of the courtroom without escort and […]

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Annual Easter Egg Hunt Cancelled

ETU’s annual Easter egg hunt run by Delta Chi Rho was canceled this when the body of the previous year’s winner, Maria Esperando, was found dead on the Athletic Complex’ west field. Esperando had been reported missing two weeks prior to the event by her housemate Charlene Deveaux. “Maria just didn’t come home from the […]

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